Jeff Fab - The Early Years

Searching For A Goal

As a young boy I began with a  child's fascination of the guitar.  I thought that it looked so cool to play the guitar.  So, at age 7 I began my journey studying music at the Canadian Conservatory of Music.  I studied in Windsor, Ontario under the direction of master guitarist and musician Peter Palazzolo.  I worked very hard and studied all aspects of music including music reading, theory, harmony and improvisation.  At age 15 I began spreading my wings and started playing in rock and roll bands to gain some live experience.

As a teenager, I couldn't play the guitar enough.  I would perform at every chance I had.  At age 16 I got the chance to tour in Europe with Canada's Premier Show Band "Music Express".  It was an incredible experience and a huge step in my musical development.  I got the chance to play with a huge 30 piece, 20 singer ensemble.  I quickly began soaking in as much information and experience as I could.  I talked to every musician about their parts and rolls in the group and I was amazed with how it all got put together to have all of us playing as one to make a great sound.  After that tour, I was in overdrive.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I was going to be a band master, and arranger.

To achieve my goal of becoming a professional musician I knew I had to do a lot of work.  I started volunteering my services with every local theatre company in the orchestra. I wanted more and more experience and knowledge of working in different ensembles and groups.  At the same time I continued my playing in local bands and playing the bar scene

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Learning The Ropes

At age 22, I finally felt like I had the experience to move up and onward with my goal.  I attended an audition in Toronto for a job aboard a cruise ship and got the part that week!  My life was never the same again.  I worked every single day playing the guitar with entertainers from all over the world.  The next year I auditioned for a highly sought after position aboard the Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner.  At the time, it was the largest ship in the world.  I went on a 6 month world tour playing with acts from every corner of the globe

Working On the Seas

-Advise clients on appropriate live music for their events

-Locate, hire and rehearse appropriate ensembles for events

-Able to conduct and lead ensembles of all sizes

-Able to write, arrange and orchestrate music for varying instrumentations

-Proficient guitar music reading abilities

-Able to blend in ensembles

-Experienced in all styles and genres